Good & Bad Bosses

The Characteristics of a Good Boss and a Bad Boss
Susana M. Willis
October 13, 2014
Professor Hicks

The Characteristics of a Good Boss and a Bad Boss
Bosses are carefully evaluated in all aspects in the workplace. In some cases they are evaluated in how they perform their duties, if their attire is professional and adequate for the job title, and how well they work with others in the workplace. These are just a few of the many evaluations being performed on bosses around the world. Employments show a lack of employees and leaders in the workplace due to the fact that management is being labeled as bad bosses, and good bosses are very difficult to employ. The characteristics in both types of bosses can have a different impact on the way employments are being run. Many businesses struggle due to the lack of bosses, because of this bosses develop empowerment over regular employees. In cases like this it causes an issue in the workplace, in which regular employees develop issues dealing with authority. Respect and disrespect goes a long way in the workplace whether they’re good or bad bosses.
A good boss can have a positive impact in the way their business is run. A positive and strong leadership in the workplace shows respect to his/her employees and in return the employee’s learn to respect and trust their leaders. When this is taking place in the workplace everyone works as a team member and everyone is treated equally. Good communication skills are being practiced and returned amongst the employees and the management. Having a strong leader in the workplace motivates other employees to want to better themselves in their field of choice. A positive leadership helps build character in regular employees. When the actions are positive towards the employees, the employees have a desire of becoming just like their leaders. It gives the employees a perspective on how they want to be respected in an employment if they ever decide to be some form of leader....