Effects of Social Networking Sites on College Students

St. Aloysius Gonzaga Integrated School of Cavite

“The Effects of Social Networking Sites to the
Academic Performance of High School Students of SAGIS”



A research paper submitted to MS. WIMALYN F. CAINAP as a partial fulfilment of the requirements for Research.

March 2013

To our parents, teachers, friends and our inspirations.


The researchers would like to extend their sincerest gratitude to those people who helped in their paper. They are the following:
Ms. Wimalyn Cainap, the researchers' adviser, for helping the researchers   know what they must do in this study and for correcting grammatical error in this paper.
Ms. Carla Fiel, who taught the researchers in statistical analysis
Of course the panellists; Ms. Maurich May Cainap and Sir Russel Valdez who criticized this study.
Aside from that, the researchers would like to give the sincerest gratitude to the respondents for answering the questionnaires; the researchers’ subjects for their voluntary participation in their experimental procedure and for their willingness to take challenges to them and consequences.
The researchers would like also to thank their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cuisia and Mr. and Mrs. Yacap, for giving financial contribution to their study.


This research paper is entitled, "The effects of social networking sites to the academic excellence of the students in SAGIS". The researchers had decided to study this because SNS is getting more popular among teenagers and students and curious of the effects of SNS to them. Since the students are still high school students, the researchers decided to conduct this research to gain students, teachers, parents’ knowledge.
It only covered the whole high school department of SAGIS, from 1st year to 4th year which totalled in 44 respondents. The researchers used the simple random sampling (SRS) to pick 30 students and purposive sampling since the...