Week 4 Assignment -

Name of Movement(Time Period) | Description OfMovement | Artist | TitleOfWork | YearCompleted | Region |
Renaissance 1450-1650 | The Renaissance period had more than one movement.   There is the Italian Renaissance, The Early renaissance and the High Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance. The artist had society, the government and famous artists. | Leonardo Da VinciMichelangelo | Mona LisaSistine Chapel | 1503-071508-1512 | ItalyItaly |
Baroque 1590-c.1725) | The Baroque period came from Rome and included paintings that had emotion, dramatic, royal, and movement. This art had a dominate style of European art and there was the Catholic Counter Reformation was a great influence on the artists. | Gian Lorenzo BerniniRembrandt | The Ecstasy of St. TeresaThe Raising of Lazarus | 1645-521630-32 | ItalyNetherlands |
Romanticism1780-1850 | Romanticism influence came through and many artist changed their attitude about art in the Western World.   This change affected many things in the work of art to name a few it included music, paintings, building and literature.   | Eugène DelacroixWilliam Blake | Liberty Leading the PeopleAngel of the Revelation | 18301803-5 | FranceEngland |
Impressionism1875 | Impressionism started with the French that the artist used the effects of light changed the way they used primary colors that were not mixed when they were painting and how they painted to enable a different type of light that reflected in their paintings. | Claude MonetVincent Van Gogh | The Water LiliesThe Peasant Painter | 19191883 | FranceNetherlands |
Modernism1870 to 2000 | Modernism has to do with a change in the way the artist thinks about art work in a new vision that is not from the traditional movements.   Now the modern artist views art as can be everywhere and everything. | Pablo PicassoPiet Mondrian | Woman in Hat and Fur CollarComposition with Red, Yellow, and Blue | 19371935–1942 | SpainFrance |


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