Drive to Work Process


Drive to Work Process
University of Phoenix
I have selected the process of preparation and driving to work on daily. I have tried to use the process as illustration of flow chart. I have used the features of Microsoft Visio to design the flowchart. Flowcharts are valuable than fancy graphics as it represents the systematic flow of logic. The Flowcharts also represent the complete logic in a very pictorial representation which is easy to understand by everyone.

Comment on the factors that affect the process design
The factors that affect the process of design in prepare and drives to work are morning wake up alarm and traffic conditions on the freeway. It acts as decisive factor is execution of steps.
Following are the steps involved in preparation and drive to work:
(1) Prepare the gym and cloth kit in the night
(2) Check the weather condition If weather condition are rainy then go to step 3, else go to step4 (3) set the morning wake alarm for 5:20 am.
(4) set the morning wake alarm for 5:30 am.
(5) Get up and get ready in morning and start the car for work
(6) Check the meter light before merging on freeway.
(7) If meter light is green, then go to step 7, else go back to step 8.
(8) Merge on freeway.
(9) Check the traffic on freeway. If freeway traffic is not crowded then go to step 11 else step 12
(11) Drive the car at faster with the maximum allowed speed limit
(12) Drive the car at slower with low speed
(13) Park the car and go to office

Start and end steps are represented as oval shapes. I have used the parallelogram for processing steps of 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12 and 13. Decision steps involved in 2, 7 and 9 are shown by diamond shape. Arrow symbol is used for showing the flow of process.
One metric that you will use to measure the process and why those metrics are valuable
I will use the time as metric because they are critical to capture the time travel to work on a daily basis....