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Course Description
This course prepares students to apply statistics and probability concepts to health care business decisions. Students learn criteria for developing effective research questions, including the creation of appropriate sampling populations and instruments. Other topics include descriptive statistics, probability concepts, confidence intervals, sampling designs, data collection, and data analysis – including parametric and nonparametric tests of hypothesis and regression analysis.

Course Topics & Objectives
Week One: Descriptive Statistics and Probability Distributions
    • Compute descriptive statistics for given data sets.
    • Apply probability concepts related to discrete and continuous probability.
    • Apply the central limit theorem to sample means.
    • Construct confidence intervals for a mean.

Week Two: Research and Sampling Designs
    • Formulate research questions relevant to management issues.
    • Construct a research design appropriate to given research questions.

Week Three: Data Collection
    • Determine appropriate measurement scale types for a given research design.
    • Construct surveys using measurement scale types relevant to a given research design.

Week Four: Research...