Week 2 Assignment

Implementing Change
Kimberly Burrow
HCS 475
May 27, 2013
Dalynn Campbell

Implementing Change
      This essay is to implement change in an organization.   Management roles and responsibilities implementing the change.   In change there is resistance and management communicates with employees' about the change and the benefits the change will have on employees' and the organization.   This paper will define the steps in the process of change within an organization.
Managers role and responsibility implementing change
    Managers should know his or her role for implementing change and demonstrate his or her support of the change with the organization.   When management support the process employees are comfortable with the change.   When managers have data collected from employees this can identify areas that need to improve and change.   That way the employees think their involved with the change within the company.
According to Victorian Quality Council (2006), "Successful implementation of changes in health care is essential in the provision of safe, quality care to patients" (para. 3).   It is critical to implement planning and the use of quality improvement.   When introducing change and outlines some strategies may improve success (Victorian Quality Council, 2006).
    Managers responsibility implementing change is to make sure that employees are aware of the change by communication.   When implementing change there is a timeline that the manager follows, and the responsibility is the managers to make sure employees follow the timeline.   Without implementing a timeline employees can become flustered and this will interfere with the work process.   After the change is made in the organization managers should follow-up with employees.   Communicating with workers about the change to see if the change reached expectations.   With change employees should be trained on the change.   Somethings employees have barriers from the lack of training....