Water Pollution

Water pollution is when the oceans, lakes, groundwater, and rivers become contaminated caused by different human and natural activities. Water pollution can be very harmful to humans, plants, and organisms that live in the water.
      How water pollution originated was by materials that are natural processes that are not considered pollution. Water is considered polluted when it does not support a human use. There are many things that can cause water pollution. Sewage, which is human wastes that come from drains or sewers, the health effect, is that it is a threat to the health of everyone and it causes enrichment and high biochemical oxygen demand. Organic chemicals that is caused by a few different things like oil drilling, mines, industries, urban runoff from storm sewers, and irrigation runoff. Some of the things they contain are mercury, lead, arsenic, acids, and salts. Organic chemical contaminants surface water as well as groundwater it does not degrade or break down easily. Disease causing agents is caused by wastes of individuals that are infected with bacteria, parasitic worms, and viruses the effect is the spreading of infectious diseases. Those are just a few of the problems that cause water pollution.
      The plan that I believe will alleviate the problem is that people that are deliberately dumping things into the water need to stop. The ones that know they are contaminating the water with chemicals need to work hard on finding a better resource to get rid the toxic waste that is going into the water from their factories or place of business or even their home. As for the things that are part of nature that cause water pollution I am not sure if there is much that can be done to prevent it from happing.
      Some of the other water or land resource problems that come from water pollution would be enrichment and oxygen demand. When the oxygen levels in the water are high it robs the water of dissolved oxygen, when the oxygen levels are low...