Water Pollution

Water Pollution
Environments are inalienably liked to our life, but these days, environment preservation is becoming more and more important since environmental disregard can lead many social problems such as pollution, exhaustion of resources. Hence, many organizations are struggling against environment contamination. If the environments go bad, we suffer from polluted air and degraded water.
Here, we want to deal with water pollution – one of the main problems in earth.
WATER POLLUTION CAUSES - #1Oil, Gasoline and Additives
Oil spills like the Exxon Valdez spill off the coast of Alaska or the more recent Prestige spill off the coast of Spain get lots of news coverage, and indeed they do cause major water pollution and problems for local wildlife, fishermen, and coastal businesses. But the problem of oil polluting water goes far beyond catastrophic oil spills. Land-based petroleum pollution is carried into waterways by rainwater runoff. This includes drips of oil, fuel, and fluid from cars and truck; dribbles of gasoline spilled onto the ground at the filling station; and drips from industrial machinery. These sources and more combine to provide a continual feed of petroleum pollution to all of the world’s waters, imparting an amount of oil to the oceans every year that is more than 5 times greater than the Valdez spill.
WATER POLLUTION CAUSES - #2Chemical and Industrial Processes
Almost all bodies of water in the world have some level of pollution from chemicals and industrial waste.
In the United States, 34 billion liters per year (60%) of the most hazardous liquid waste – solvents, heavy metals, and radioactive materials – is injected directly into deep groundwater via thousands of “injection wells”. Although the EPA requires that these effluents be injected below the deepest source of drinking water, some pollutants have already entered underground water supplies in Florida, Texas, Ohio, and Oklahoma.
The US is not alone in careless treatment of its...