Water Pollution in the Us

How Water Pollution Affects the United States

    Many things affect water pollution throughout the United States. This is a huge problem not only for American but for other countries around the world as well. Have you ever wondered what causes water pollution and what must be done to stop it? Throughout the next few minutes of reading I will explain what water pollution is and what must be done to stop it.

    Water pollution really came into light in the 1980’s. The oil spill of the Exxon Valdez should not only the US but the world how terrible an oil spill can pollute the water. That ship was just a minor problem in terms of water waste and water pollution problems. That same year the spill only took account for 5% of all the water pollution throughout the world. In terms of the United States this only accounted for less than 25 %. That’s not very much conserving the size of the spill and how much damage it did to the environment. Throughout the years chemicals and pollutants were dump out into the ocean and into fresh water streams with no real concern for the environment. Or for the concerns of what effects these types of action would have on us down the road in the future.

    The world has now gotten bigger and has industrialized and the population has seemed to grow as well. You would think as the world has gotten bigger and technology has progressed water pollution would have become less off a problem as well. Wrong. Water pollution in spite of the newest technologies out there is just as bad as it was almost 30 or so years ago.

    So what exactly is water pollution? Well, water pollution consists on many things. Mainly it’s raw sewage, sludge, garbage, chemicals, and any other type of pollutants that make it into our water system. These pollutants may have been dumped illegally or may not have. Did you know that our Federal government really only care about water pollution to a certain degree? A lot of town and cities don’t filter raw...