Uop Mgt 567 Week 4 Individual Assignment Technology, Privacy, Accounting, Finance, and Governance Values Analysis

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Now that you have addressed cultural and employee relationship values, you will need to further identify technology and privacy values as well as the accounting, finance, and governance values.
Write a paper of no more than 1,700 words responding to the following questions using your Week Three assignment option:
How does the company differentiate between the employer’s right to protect its interests and the employees’ rights to be free from wrongful intrusions into their personal affairs? If the company does not make this differentiation, recommend an approach that could be implemented.
How does technology used in this organization affect employee privacy?
How does the organization monitor employees? If no process is articulated, what approach could the company implement?
How does (or should) the organization protect employee personal information?
What internal and external control mechanisms are in place (or should be in place) regarding accounting practices including SOX guidelines?
conflict of interest?
executive compensation?
legal and ethical duties for board members?
Summarize the areas where adequate compliance and ethical controls are in place and areas where additional controls are necessary.
Recommend specificaction steps to address the areas where additional controls are needed along with a timeline for implementation.
Cite at least three references in your paper.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Note. Do not include any proprietary information.