Mgt 210 Week 7 Assignment

Week 7 Assignment: Test Your Leadership Skills


This exercise was interesting, I showed that I am 84 percent leader and 16 percent supervisor. That results were not very surprising because I am typically very caring of others. I do not have the mind set of just thinking of ways to promote show my worth to others in hopes of furthering my career. My expectations of a company is to take notice of how well I handle difficult situations, and promote me because of the good I have done for the company. The questions asked seemed biased, it seemed as if the questions were directed towards whether I was caring of others, or caring of only doing things to make myself look good. I think of myself as a mixture of being a leader and a supervisor. I care about the good of others, but I also care about following company policies, and promoting good behavior from others by the actions I take at work. I believe in promoting fairness and patience, and I also believe that finding new ways to approach difficult situations is important. The supervisory strengths that I believe would be most important are demonstrating communication and improving productivity. I feel that I think as a supervisor when promoting good behavior, but I think as a leader when caring for the well-being of others within the workplace.

It is difficult to think of myself as only being a leader, not that being a leader is bad, I just prefer to think of myself as a caring person who has supervisory skills. I depend on the company to take notice in how I handle situations, such as communicating with others, and always remaining ethical when in the workplace. Working as a leader for a company takes honor, respect, and swift decisions that will always benefit the company. It is important to always put trust in each person to complete their daily tasks in a timely manner. Being a leader is kind of like being the captain of a ship, the captain should always think of the safety of others,...