Week 3 Individual Assignment: Strategic Plan Update - Draft 1

Week Three Individual Assignment: Strategic Plan Update – Draft 1

[Organization Name] is a law firm.   It employs ___ partners, ____ associates and ____ support staff members.   This paper will discuss elements of the strategic plan including [Organization Name]'s revised organizational mission, vision and values statements as part of that strategic plan.

[Organization Name]’s mission statement is that it will competently practice law adequatly as representation of its clients with professionalism and respect for the law and its clients.   Those employed will work towards the successful outcome of all cases and do so under the guidelines of the states in which they are licensed and under the rules of the American Bar Association.   The attorneys will practice law and work towards becoming a more generalized firm in that they will accept and pursue the success of various types of legal matters.

[Organization Name]’s vision statement is becoming a leader among the legal community and achieve success in the areas of law they specialize in as well as all areas.   It will accomplish these goals working in a professional and ethical manner.   It will also attempt to improve the community through pro bono work.

[Organization Name]’s value statement is to practice law ethically while working to the best of its ability for its clients.   Even though its goal is to grow and become more prominent, [Organization Name] will not put the needs of the stakeholders above the needs of the clients.

[Organization Name]'s updated strategic plan shall include the above mission, vision, and values statements.   These statements shall govern the efforts and decisions made by [Organization Name] in order to achieve its strategic goals.