Mgt 350 Week 3 Assignment Decisions in Paradise Part I

Part I – Company Plan:   Decisions in Paradise/Kava
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Part I – Company Plan:   Decisions In Paradise/Kava
In establishing a greater presence of Commercial Construction Company, Inc. (CCC)   on Kava, a number of significant challenges exist.   Part I of the overall company plan defines the issues regarding organizational processes, human resources, and ethics.   Within the context of those areas, the plan describes the organizational and environmental obstacles to be faced by Marriott, as well as the key stakeholders who will be impacted by the decisions made by the company.  
Organizational Processes
Commercial Construction Company will need to consider the distribution of the responsibilities between and among the organizational units that the company plans to establish an efficient and effective presence on Kava.   In addition, the company will need to establish standard operating procedures, emergency operating procedures, and disaster recovery operating procedures.   While many companies may have an easier time setting up operations on Kava, CCC, because it engages in sustainable building practices, is committed to assist this important nation in sustainable growing practices for the wood we need for construction.   This will require partnerships with some of the charitable, non-government organizations, as well as with the Kava government.  
CCC's units include the Business Development Department, which is involved in preparing bids in response to requests and in seeking new construction projects in which the company can participate.   A second unit is the Construction Department, which is responsible for all construction projects the company undertakes, and for working in concert with the Business Development Department to assure a well-coordinated and accurate process in bidding and in selecting the types of projects for which the company is best...