Mgt 210 Week 3 Assignment

1. Two applications for jobs (no positions open right now).
This can be delegated and should of already been addressed by the assistant managers. If there are no positions available the applications should have been filed already.
2. A note to call Mary (salesclerk) about vacation schedule.
I should get on this, most companies require at least a week notice for vacation time but since I have been gone for 3 day her requested day may be coming up soon and I will have to adjust the schedule to accommodate her request.
3. A notice that the mall will be changing hours for the upcoming holiday and requesting notice of store plans.
Get on this. This is the sole job of the store manager and should be handled quickly. Since we lease the space we have to follow their guidelines set in place and handle issues quickly to stay in good graces with the mall owner. Even if it is just to inform them that I have been out and let them know the date I will have a plan prepared for them.
4. A customer complaint regarding product quality.
Delegate this to the other managers. They can address the issue and let me know a course of action to satisfy the customers. If they cannot remedy the situation then I will call the customer later.
5. Four shipping receipts indicating that about 130 pairs of shoes have been delivered and need to be stocked.
Delegate, this is the sales clerks’ responsibility. They are responsible to keep the inventory in order and know where items are.
6. Bids from three companies responding to requests for bids on a cash register system (each
store chooses its own).
Get on this. Because dealing with bid proposals can be a timely issue I need to make a report and get it to corporate so they can make their decision on which company to use. It is time sensitive due to the approaching holiday season, we do not want register issues with a packed store and not be trained on how to fix them.
7. A notice from the fire department of an impending inspection....