Uop Hrm 548 Week 6 Assignment Recruitment and Selection Strategy Rewards and Compensation Plan

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Review the following two documents in the Course Materials forum to understand how the memo is graded:
Week 6 Grading Rubric for Memo
Memo Format Guidelines for Course Assignments
Create the completed version of your Recruitment and Selection Strategy/Rewards and Compensation Plan. The 1750-word memo must include at least 6 peer-reviewed references beyond the course texts. Using information from previous weeks, update your plan by incorporating what you have learned. Be sure to include the impact globalization may have on your staffing strategy and factors that could affect the HR management within the Harrison Corporation. The plan must contain the following information:
Recruitment and Selection Strategy
What are the key qualifications for a person filling the position?
What is the recruitment strategy?
Relevant labor market (must include discussion of home country versus host country staffing for each position) 
Role of succession management and career management
How will candidates be identified?
Search firms
Career planning system
How will candidates be attracted?
Employment branding
How will you select the final candidates?
Interview methodologies
Reference checking
Background and criminal checks
Who will be involved in the process?
Will you offer incentives to candidates?
Rewards and Compensation Plan for each position and the region What is the most appropriate way to determine base pay?
Job-based pay
Person-based pay (skills or competencies?)
What other rewards considerations should be included for this position or business unit?
Base pay as a percent of total pay
Benefits packages including global considerations
Incentive packages