Hrm 548 Week 1

July 2, 2012

To:             Director of New Health Medical Systems
From:         HR Consultant
Subject:     New Health Medical Systems’ Recommendation

The purpose of this memo is for me to share with you my recommendations for the successful implementation of the new cardiovascular unit within your organization.   I understand that the Board of Directors of New Health Medical Systems would like to implement a new strategic direction to become a regional center for critically ill patients by developing a new cardiovascular unit, where patients can receive care for heart attacks, strokes and other types of cardiovascular disease.   While the role of head Physician has been filled, I understand that there is still a need to fill the Technician positions.   From what I gather, the problem is not finding Technicians but finding qualified Technicians which may be a difficult task due to lack of   skilled Technicians that are available locally.   The director of staffing has been asked to create a new staffing strategy to fill 35 new positions in the new cardiovascular unit and recommends the following.
• Placing advertisements in local newspapers.
• Contact staffing agencies specializing in placing technicians into health care facilities.
• Organizing a job fair and inviting local professionals to attend.
• Offer a $1,000 signing bonus to anyone who joins the organization and stays for at least 180 days.
The above suggestions by the director are all very good recommendations; however, I believe that New Health Medical Systems should take a different approach.   Because there is a lack of qualified Technicians within the immediate region, advertising locally will not meet the staffing goals that are aligned with New Health Medical Systems’ strategic direction.   Instead, New Health Medical Systems should also consider advertising on the internet, in neighboring cities, and even across the nation.   I’d recommend that New Health Medical Systems implement the “Attract...
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