Unit 301 - Task B Reflective Account Assignment

Unit 301 - Task B Reflective account assignment

Andrew Deans

Since June 2014 I have been an Assistant Team Leader delivering the Prince’s Trust Team Programme which is a 12 development programme for anyone that is “Not in Education, Employment, or Training.   My main job roles are to assist the Team Leader to deliver the required number of Teams, ensuring delivery complies with the structured 12-week stages and processes outlined in the Team Toolkit, the Team minimum quality standards, all assessment criteria and any additional contractual obligations

During this unit we look at number of topics such as promoting appropriate behaviour and respect for others, ways to promote equality and value diversity, the importance of identifying and meeting the needs of the learners and ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment.

Identifying needs (Teaching cycle)

I’m going to reflect on each of the above and try to give you a true reflection as how perceive the subjects. First of all I would like to reflect on promoting appropriate behaviour and respect for othesr.   I’m currently a tutor on the Prince’s Trust Team Programme I think it is vital to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for each as soon as possible, it is my view that ground rules should be talked about and set out before any learning takes place. We do this in a number of ways, my favourite being using the parachute method.   The learners set out their own ground rules by using a post it note and attaching/stick to the strings of the parachute and by explaining to the learners that if one of these rules is broke the string will brake then the parachute will not work, so in order for the parachute to work we all as a group need to adhere to any ground rules that are set.   In reflection this works really well because if they break a rule it’s their rules they are breaking.   I think also clearly making boundaries clear is a must the learners should be under no illusion and that...