Unit 301 Task B - Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training Reflective Account

Unit 301 Task B - Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training Reflective Account
“Respect is about accepting others, not being rude to them or lowering their confidence and self-esteem in any way” (Gravells. A, 2013, p128)
  * Lead by example: When teaching adults acting as a role model is of paramount importance to gain respect and promote good behaviour because, fundamentally, you are training your peers and equals. By behaving in the way you expect others to behave you will lead by example-this is crucial when developing a good teacher-student relationship, if you show respect you will be respected, listened to and also nurture your student’s learning.

  * Ground rules:   These create mutual respect and happy and productive students, because they iron out misunderstandings and encourage appropriate behaviour. When teaching adults, setting rules can be slightly awkward because you do not want to appear patronising or condescending.   A good way to establish ground rules is to negotiate with your learners. Discuss ways of practice and expectations and draw up a set of rules together- this creates a sense of ownership for learners. To keep the rules in place lead by example and practice a behaviourist way of teaching (Pavlov/Skinner). For example; operative learning- allows you to shape behaviour in a non-dictatorial fashion by offering positive praise and encouragement for good behaviour, whilst blanking poor behaviour.

  * Disruptions: Often, disruptive and disrespectful behaviour means two things; that learners do not comprehend your teaching or that they feel under-challenged. It is good practice ensure you continually assess your learning in order to keep learners engaged and be sure they are following and/or fulfilled by your lessons. Asking for feedback about their learning is a great way to monitor this. Scaffolding teaching can also quell disruptions by...