Level 3 Award in Education & Training Unit 301 Task a

Your Duties:

  As a teacher you will be expected to meet the following criteria in order to do your job properly;

  1. Plan, deliver and report on your course/s using all methods and materials appropriate; i.e.   schemes of work and session plans should be used to define and track the outline for meeting the learning outcomes.

  2. Prepare (and adapt, where necessary/appropriate) appropriate teaching materials/resources; i.e. handouts, lesson activities, quizzes, etc.

  3. Identify and assess the needs of the learners, and based upon this adapt any/all learning materials/activities as appropriate.

  4. Comply with all policies and procedures of your employer, as well as complying with any and all relevant legal constraints.

  5. Discuss Learning Outcomes or moderation requirements with the learners as the course progresses.

  6. Enable your learners to participate in engaging with the learning centre/examining body by distributing any relevant notices or information, and ensuring that they know about the organisation and if they can become involved on a voluntary basis.

  7. Liaise with the learners, colleagues, managers, and any other professionals that it might be advisable to have a healthy professional relationship with.

  8. Evaluate the efficacy of learning by; assessing learners’ work (where appropriate), maintaining records of learners’ progression, and feedback to learners’ regarding their progression.

  9. Keep your Continuous Professional Development path up-to-date, by attending any and all relevant training around areas such as; your chosen subject of tuition, first aid, the best practises for teaching, the law (as it impacts on teaching), etc.
  Working With Professionals Other Than Teachers.

      In your work as a teacher it will be necessary for you to work with various people in professional careers other than that of an educators job role, such as;

  The Learner – The learner...