Reflective Account Unit 1

Reflective Account for Unit 1.1

Having worked at P R for a number of years and starting from the position of support worker right up to Home Manager I had gained a lot of knowledge about the service users, but not quite enough experience with staff.   Through all these role transitions I developed different management styles.   When I was a senior it was very easy for me to use clinical supervisions with staff as I had enough time to work alongside them.   At that time I learnt that it is good to strive for perfection but be prepared to tolerate failure in order to encourage innovation.   When I became a Deputy, my Manager then started to send me on management workshops and training.   These were quite helpful and helped me to explore different kinds of management styles and skills.   It also helped with my communication and helped to improve my working relationships with other staff who I normally would not get along with.   I also learnt to behave in a professional manner at all times and it helped build on teamwork.   I also learnt that management is about stimulating and implementing change, encouraging innovation in order to make improvements.
When I had just been appointed Home Manager the company requested us to change the service users support plans.   This was to individualize their support plans and put them in the language the service user understood e.g. if the person is non-verbal to make up a support plan with pictures or diagrams that that individual could understand.   This was quite a huge task and responsibility for me as a new manager.   The company set up a training course on how we were to implement this. The managers and deputy managers were the first to go on this course and then the rest of the staff.   After I attended training I gave feed back to my staff in the team meeting the training I had attended and what it was about.   I then told the staff they would all go on this training so that we could work as a team on developing these support...