Form 6 (Task D Unit 302 - Reflective Account)

Form 6 Reflective account
This form may be used to answer Task D- Reflective Account.
Review the effectiveness of your delivery of inclusive teaching and learning by producing an account reflecting on:

your own micro-teach experienceI delivered my first ever “micro teach” on the 1st April 2015 to five of my peers on the Award for Education and Training – Level 3. It was a short session lasting thirty minutes. I very much enjoyed the experience; although I was at first nervous, I relaxed as I began talking.I chose Disability Awareness as the subject as it is something I am passionate about. I have firsthand experience of physical disability having lived with cerebral palsy since birth, and I wanted to share my experiences with the group. I was confident I had sufficient knowledge to be able to answer questions and facilitate discussion. I spent a great deal of time preparing for my “micro teach” – over fifteen hours. I had some difficulty knowing which aspect of disability awareness to tackle and what approach I should take. The main problem when planning the session was identifying my aims and learning outcomes and how to condense coverage into thirty minutes. I wanted the session to be interesting and informative, but I was also conscious it had to be pitched at the right level. The learners were adults over eighteen with functional English and Maths, so I decided the content was appropriate for the group I were teaching.Initially, I had planned too many activities for the session. I decided not to proceed with Activity 3(b) “Drinking Straws Galore” as there was not time for me to fit everything in. I soon became aware I needed narrow my aims and be less ambitious with the learning outcomes. The session I planned for required forty five to sixty minutes to fully explore barriers to learning for people with impairments. I had a mere thirty minutes in which to provide learners with an overview of disability in an attempt to meet three separate learning...