Unit 1 - an Introduction to Working with Children

Unit 1 Assignment - An introduction to working with children

E1. E2. Statutory sector education and care are services required by the law. The government provide the funding for these services and control the guidelines by which they are run. These services are free and accessible to all children and families. The government identifies its main statutory obligations in health, education and social services. I focused my study on Field Primary School* in South-East London which provides statutory education for children between the ages of 3 to 11. A Primary School’s key purpose is to develop the foundation of learning. Field Primary School aims to provide an environment which welcomes children with SEN and seeks to include them in the life of the school. Children with additional needs can have one to one attention from an assigned helper, this helps support the child’s confidence and learning ability, it also can help support the family of the child who may otherwise find difficulty in understanding the child’s extra educational needs.   It aims to offer facilities for all disabilities, for example there are no steps within the building or playground except to the gallery which is equipped with a vertical platform lift for children with wheelchairs. It also aims to promote equality of opportunity, tolerance and respect for others. Extra curricular activities are provided outside of school hours to help expand a child’s abilities in other areas such as sports or foreign languages, this can also support the families who are working or cannot afford these types of activities.
The voluntary section is an area of support for various groups that may be funded by donations with or without government help, these organisations usually come about as a result of identifying an area of need that isn’t already available. They are often charities or non-profit organisations. Sunshine Young Parent and Toddler group* is a government funded organisation which employs both...