An Introduction to Working with Children

An Introduction to Working with children
Statutory provision- Services that are set up and regulated by the government.   Usually given specific task to do or special responsibilities. People working in it are usually employed by the government.
Setting available under 5 years is:
  * Day nursery-A day nursery is a childcare setting that cares for children from birth to four or five years old. Is set up by the government. The purpose of the nursery is to help children learn and develop the basic skills such as social skills and developmental skills like learning to count and recognising own name. The main focus is learning through play which means the children will do a lot of role play activities like playing shop, they also do lots of hands on activities like exploring and experimenting with sand, water and play dough all these activities develop fine motor skills which little children find more difficult to master. Nursery also helps children settle into school life by implementing some of the primary schools daily routine such as snack time where healthy eating and trying new foods can be done, by doing this children can settle into school better as they have a better understanding of what Reception will be like.
Setting available 5-7 years old
  * A statutory provision for children aged five to seven would be an Infants school, the purpose of this provision is to teach children the foundations for learning. It is where the basic skills for literacy and numeracy occur. The aim of the National Curriculum is to develop through a structured framework which enables staff to assess the levels of learning in each school, by doing this program   children which have a higher learning ability and known as gifted and talented can be identified   and taught appropriately so they may reach their full potential
D2) Private provision- The private sector are many and varied, they offer paid service of those covered by insurance. Wages are provided by the...