Unit 001 Introduction to Communication in Children and Young People Setting

In this essay I will be addressing and demonstrating the importance of communication at work, and the different ways to reduce difficulties of communications. I will also be tackling the issues on confidentiality.
Outcome 1: Understanding why communication is important in the work setting:
      1.1 Identify different reason why people communicate:
The definition of communication means “something that is communicated by or to or between people or groups” (http://www.audioenglish.net/dictionary/communication.htm) another definition is “Communication is all about the way people reach out to one another.” (S/NVQ Level 3 Working with Children and Young People: Author Yvonne Nolen). This means when a group of people or couple of people are corresponding with each other.
Communication is very important because it indicate someone feeling, expressing their needs, sharing information with one another, it also give confidence towards positive behaviour, it helps to   discussing a situation when you’re in distress or something happened in your life , it helps to improve your knowledge, socialising sharing ideas and understanding each other. All of these are reason why people communicate it helps to improve and develop new skill to have effective communication (Level 2 Certificate Children and Young People’s Workforce)
      1.2 Explain how effective communication affects all aspect of own work:
As I explained communication is an important aspect of life; it’s even more important at work to have effective communication because as you will be communicating with your colleagues, children’s and parents. “When positive relationship are formed it is easier for colleagues to give and receive trust, support, help, advice information and encouragement” (Children’s Care, Learning and Development NVQ 3: Author: Miranda Walker) this explains the affect communication has between colleagues; this all helps to build an affective and comfortable workforce. This also help...