An Introduction to Working with Children

Unit 1
An Introduction to working with Children
E1/E2. In the early years of a childs life, they tend to learn and grow at different levels. In order to assure child is treated equal, teachers, childminders, key workers, and teacher assisants must establish the childs preferred learning styles. In order to validate all children are suppiled with an education from the age of 5 - 16 public schools are free to all families. The statutory sector which is funded by the Goverment, includes public schools, police stations, hospitals, and social workers. The statutory sector, guarantees that all public citizens are provided with free healthcare, education, and safety. Penair Comprehensive is open to the public, and supplies a ''caring learning enviroment where everyone is valued for who they are and what they may become.'' Penair also claims to make sure all parents and students are informed with as much information as possible ( The Voluntary sector is a collection of social activity which is embarked by non-profitable organizations. Their offers include, encouraging help, religion, caring and helping children, and education, most workers volunter, some are paid. The National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) which are a charity that campaign and work in child protection. The NSPCC aim ''help children that are abused by providing childline and the NSPCC helpline''. The Private Sector is part of the national ecomany, which isn't controlled by the Goverment. This sector includes Private Schools, solicters, and nurserys, people pay to use this service. Bostcastle Playgroup, is a private buisness which benifits parents that cannot look after their child during the day. The playgroup will teach, and care for the child, but the parents will have to pay for the child education and care (

E3. There are many childrens acts supporting the rights of children in the United Kingdom. All children...