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Business Communication Trends

Kalitta Hopkins


March 22, 2010
Tom Melpolder

Business Communication Trends

    Businesses depend largely upon communication. The key to a successful business is communication. If they business cannot communicate, they will not last. Business and business communication are changing. It is important that the many channels of communication flow freely within the internal and external makeup of the company. A business must know what role their communication plays in their day to day activities and how it helps manage the daily work activities.
    Communication is one of the most important aspects in business, for example, Real Estate. With Real Estate, one is on call most of the time to be able to show a house or to answer buyer’s questions. I can see where this could be broken down into two categories: personal and immediate. Personal communication happens between the agent and his or her buyer or seller. This deals with an agent being able to effectively communicate to these people. This would include anything from the purchase contract or listing contract and all that might be involved. Immediate communication will deal with the needs to be able to send and receive information in just moments. This would include the use of email, pc’s, scanners, and smart phones. These tools are very important because they would allow the agent to be able to communicate quickly and would be in the know more quickly. An example of this would be if an agent is going to be out of his or her office, he or she could use the smart phone to pull information on housing and email to clients as well as receive information about current clients and listing on his or her phone. It would be like the agent would have never left the office.
    The invention of smart phones have changed the business communicate. They allow agents to work outside of the office without missing a beat and allow them to better manage his or her time more...