Criminal Justice Trends

Criminal Justice Trends Paper
James Hankerson
January 2, 2013
Patrick Clayton

Criminal Justice Trends Paper
Imagine a country without a criminal justice system, there would be a widespread of chaos and confusion constant insecurity. Children would not be able to play outside without experiencing fear of something happening to them. Criminals would be able to torment innocent people without any consequences. This is a good example why we need our law enforcement agencies.
In this essay the following statement will be described the past, present, and future of law enforcement. Explain the budgetary and managerial impact that future trends will have not only on the component of law enforcement, but also the other components of the criminal justice system. Also include the current research data (qualitative and quantitative).
Throughout history of the criminal justice system has experienced numerous of segments that are commonly referred to as trends. There have been many difficult and different trends among the justice system. The criminal justice system is greatly affected by a state that the world is in, the mentality of the people that comprise legal system and the criminal justice field.
Society need to comprehend that our justice system is not perfect; although it is constantly trying to improve and develop different theory to analyze in a better ways to protect the community, law enforcement has a difficult task.
Law Enforcement Trends of the Past
Sometimes things of the past are better off staying where they are, but not when it comes to policing. In the late 1800s and early 1900s police made citizens feel safe within their communities. People were not afraid to leave their homes and take walks through the neighborhood at night. This is where citizens and police officers knew each other on a first name basis. With technology changing daily so is crime on the rise.
The criminal justice system had it easier during this era, there were crime...