Business Communications Trends Paper

Business Communication Trends Paper

Communication is a major part of running business processes. Communication are important in dealing with employees and customers in business organizations, here and abroad. In this paper, I am exploring in this paper,   the role communication plays in the business daily activities, trends in today's workplace, and the type of messages conveyed because of today's workplace trends.

What roles does business communication play in day-to-day activities?
Business communication is   the most vital cog to the success of any many organizations. The Communication between businesses and their employees, vendors, and customers are the most efficient way to conduct business. Business Communication is at the heart of successful organizations and those that communicate the best are also ran very proficiently from the top to the bottom of their organization (Locker & Kienzler, 2008).
Business Communication appears in various forms and manners such as committee meetings, e-mails, cellular and blackberry phones, personal digital assistant (PDAs), pagers, and laptops, just to name a few, different ways to communicate. Business communication can also consist of financial reports, policy and procedure manuals, performance evaluation reviews, and memorandums to convey organizational information to its management and employees.
Business communication allows organizations to have communication with customers, through purchase requisitions, billing invoices, mission statements, and organized planned events. Communicating to potential customers about the business and organization goals through the company website, flyers, and network marketing plans.
What trends have you seen in the workplace?
Here is a list of 10 trends in business communications very prevalent today. (1) Distributed co-creation moves into the mainstream by gathering information through the websites to help develop, market and support of product and services   used in the...