Past and Current Trend Paper

The manipulation of drugs goes far back to 4000 B.C.   The American society has
been familiar with drugs since 1700’s.   Drugs back then were mainly used for medical
and therapeutic purpose, but, there were no knowledge of any addictive characteristics.  
The trends with these drugs have changed constantly throughout the years with the
results that has been influenced by the American society.
The soldiers of the Civil War was given morphine as an anesthetic for pain
without realizing the addiction. It brings.   John Pemberton the founder of Coca-Cola, this
bevage had caffeine and cocaine in it.   In 1906, the Pure Food and Drug act required a
list of all ingredients on the package so it can be seen by the consumer and by doing
this, the cocaine was removed from the beverage and removed from a lot of other
Alcohol and drugs was not just used for medical issues, they were also used
inappropriately.   Back in the 70’s drugs were very popular in the American society.   That
was the time for love, drugs and rebellion.   Also in that era AIDS and HIV was wide
spread.   Everyone was using dirty needles to inject their drugs and everyone had
unprotected sex when they were on drugs.

In many ways American Culture has encouraged the use and abuse of drugs in
so many ways.   Now alcohol has been around for centuries and all the cultures drink  
and some people like the effects that alcohol gives them, some funny and violent.  
Alcohol is also known to be the social beverage and not just with the Americans but with
all other countries.   Many social gatherings use alcohol.   According to the Center on
Alcohol Marketing and Youth (2008), advertisers spent more than two billion dollars on
alcohol in 2005.   This includes television, radio and printed media.   Men tend to drink
more the women and it shows in all the advertisements that are towards men, sports
figures and pretty women on their side.   According to Maxwell (2006),...