To Drill or Not to Drill?

To Drill or Not To Drill?

Frank Choumas


January 20, 2011
William James Smith

To Drill Or Not To Drill?

At first this question seemed easy for me to answer. I am pro-Environment, so my natural reaction is to side on the,” no drilling side”, of the issue. After doing some research on oil and drilling, I find myself on the, less drilling side”. Through my research I found that oil has many uses besides energy. In doing this research, I found why in some aspects, oil is still needed.
Let us look at the benefits of oil. It can be used for not only fuel and energy, but industrial manufacturing such as computer parts, plastics, petroleum jelly, and pharmaceutical needs are just some of its uses. As you can see we cannot just simply abandon Fossil fuels completely, they still have a practical uses that we humans demand. This is why my judgment towards the oil industry has changed. I still believe that we need to scale down the use of drilling as we head into the Renewable Energy age, and make stricter laws on how safely the drilling is done.
Now lets us look at how the oil industry has contaminated environments and communities. Each spill threatens wildlife and their eco-systems with immediate and long-term effects. Fish and wildlife die, drinking water and soil are toxically contaminated. Human life is sometimes affected or lost because of human carelessness and a total disregard for all life forms in general. These companies do not dispose of hazardous waste properly, which is the result of toxic contamination from the bi-products created by Fossil fuels. This is why I believe that,” less drilling”, is the true answer.
The key habits that are hindering my thinking when looking at the opposing view? I believe my first judgment is being influenced by all the negative media coverage on the oil spills and their negative impacts on all life. Another influence is another part of media, television shows which usually report negative information, about...