To Drill or Not to Drill

In the debates of using the resources we have in oil is for sure a secure resource that we know we have. Also we have been using these resources for many years, and they seem to be working just fine. The idea of changing what we have been so dependent on is a matter that we cannot not phatham in our thoughts. It is like having a schedule in your life ever since you were born, and after 50 years someone telling you that you cannot do it anymore. It is scary, and a little uncomfortable to think that the new resources are still not one hundred percent. It raises a lot of concern and stress to many people.
That being the case, we cannot see past the negative. Which is just human nature to do that, but at the same time You do not see that good that can come out of this change. Everywhere you look you see that there are so many health issues in our society, and you see the weather changes in our atmosphere. What are we doing to prevent these changes? Nothing, for the simple fact that we are scared to make changes in these times. With the drilling in the ocean, and in Alaska is that they also burn the oil as well. They use the oil to run these machines to drill into the ground, and all of that burning oil goes into our atmosphere. According to economist there are about two hundred thousand gallons of oil that goes into the sky each year. The pollution that comes from burning oils, and doing these drilling jobs is effecting our lifestyle everywhere. Being able to go green is a wonderful idea to present. If we go green then that is not only changing everything for the better, but it is teaching us how to be independent in our own lives.  
  There could always be a natural disaster that happens, and all of our resources could collapse, look at the tragedy that happened in the ocean. But if we all learned how to live more green, and create more resources then if/or when a disaster happens we know what we can do. We live off of what we create, doesn’t that just sound...