Anwr Drilling

Section 10-For drilling in ANWR from a utilitarian perspective
Responsibly drilling in ANWR is clearly the most ethical alternative from a utilitarian perspective.   By drilling, it allows us to increase the overall happiness of millions of people.   The alternative of not drilling only increases or maintains happiness for a small number of people.   Continuing to rely on foreign sources of oil and not using our resources here could have devastating effects for many people and for many generations into the future.
The current residents of the state of Alaska receive the greatest amount of positive utility by allowing there to be drilling in ANWR.   Citizens of Alaska would greatly benefit financially and economically.   Citizens of Alaska receive dividends from all of the oil production that takes place in their state .   Allowing the drilling would give them an increased source of income that would mean thousands of dollars each year per family.   This increase in income provides positive utility that far outweighs any negative utility that they may receive due to the change in the landscape.   It is likely that most of the citizens will never see any negative effects by allowing drilling to take place.   Drilling has advanced so much that the change to the landscape would account for less than .5% of the land in ANWR .   Such a small footprint would have a very low negative utility on any Alaskan residents.   Also, the proposed areas of drilling are not heavily populated and almost uninhabitable4.   There is almost no positive utility to any of the residents by not using the resources of the land.   In fact, drilling is supported by nearly 75% of all Alaskan residents3.   Among the Alaskan residents every single governor, every congressman, and nearly every single member of the Alaska state legislature have supported drilling in the ANWR region2.   They support drilling because of the positive utility that they receive through exploration and drilling.
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