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~You should also alternate your first shuffle in step 2 to reverse the route.
1. Start at the (A) and sprint forward (10 yds)
2. Shuffle to the (B) (5 yds) 3.
3. Shuffle to the (C) (10 yds) C B
4. Shuffle back to the midpoint (5 yds) 4. 2.
5. Backpeddle to the (A) (10 yds)
                      5.           1.


5-10-5 (Sometimes referred to as Pro Agility)
~You should alternate your first 5 yd run to the left or right to reverse the route for each set.
1. Place two objects 10 feet apart.
2. Start at the midpoint with your feet and body facing straight ahead so that the objects are to your left and right.
3. Simply turn, cross over, and sprint towards one side or the other touching the ground at the object. (5 yds)
4. Then turn and sprint to the other object. (10 yds)
5. You finish by turning and sprinting across your original starting position. (5 yds)

10 yds

~ Similar to the 5-10-5 drill except now you will start facing forward towards the 5 and 10 yard distances.
1. Starting at ‘A’ sprint forward 5 yds to the ‘B’ mark, touch the ground and return to ‘A’.
2. Touch the ground and sprint 10 yds to the ‘C’mark, touch the ground and return to ‘A’.
3. Touch the ground and repeat the 5 yd sprint to ‘B’ before returning to the start.

A                       B           C




starting line           5 yds           10 yds

~Pre & post season agility testing drill.
~Set up 4 objects as shown (A, B, C, D) in a box with each corner being 10 yds apart. (Use one side of a VB court if you have access to it)
1. Facing the volleyball net (or D) start just outside the left back corner of the court (A). Facing the net, shuffle the end line and around B.
2. Sprint up the right sideline and round the corner ‘C’.
3. With your feet and body facing towards D shuffle towards the left back corner (A) until the...