Tma 01 - Dd131

TMA 01 – With reference to what you have learnt about City Road, outline some of the differences across time and space on a street you know.

TMA 01 requires me to outline differences across time and space on a street that I know and relate them to those highlighted in City Road. I have chosen Queens Road a 0.8 mile road which has a combination of housing, a pub, community centre, residential care and a handful of different shops and takeaways. I am going to explore the different historical changes, identities and physical infrastructure within the street. Queens Road is in Withywood, Bristol and was once just a rural area although because of an increasing population it became more built up in the 1950’s. This change is similar to that of City Road (making social lives DVD, 2009, scene 1), it was also just a rural country lane, although just like Queens Road with an increase of population and a demand of transport, City Road has adapted to a popular commuting, living and working environment.

      Shops within Queens Road have often changed proprietors but overall sold similar produce, this is a contrast to City Road where we have learnt that once shops selling local produce, then became dominated by car sales in the 1960’s, and more recently it is mostly restaurants and takeaways. (making social lives DVD, 2009, scene 1).   Another difference that has escalated over time on Queens Road is that many of the buildings/spaces have been converted into housing this included a pub, clinic, a shop, car repairs and waste land. It seems like when these were sold they were of more value as housing; this correlates with City Road but as takeaways and restaurants. (Georgina Blakely, making social lives DVD, 2009, scene 3), explains that in social society, “Some people gain and some people lose”), (Colin Buttwell making social lives DVD, 2009, scene 3), “I’ve been knocked a bit” backs this comment when talking about the challenges running a small news agent with bigger...