Tma 01 Dd101

DD101 TMA 01
In light of the module resources that I have reviewed relating to City Road, I am going to illustrate a number of ways in which differences are made and remade on a street I know.

In particular, I am going to look at:
• How local shops have been affected when larger competitors move to the area.
• How entertainment varies to cater for different ages, cultures, etc.
• How age and time takes its toll on society.

The Street I have selected to examine alongside City Road is Bancroft in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.   Bancroft is on a reduced scale when you compare the two roads collectively, yet each road has so many similarities as well as so many differences. My Intention at this stage is to focus on day to day operations of Bancroft and further investigate social differences that determine how Bancroft is made and remade, whilst comparing these differences with City Road.
City Road concentrates on Restaurants and Takeaways, whereas Bancroft favours towards Coffee Shops and Bistro’s.   When investigating Bancroft deeper, I observed that there were numerous Banks, Charity Shops and several privately owned businesses, most of which has had long presence on Bancroft.

The first way in which I would like to demonstrate how Bancroft has been made and remade is, in as much the same as Colin the Newsagent (Making Social lives DVD, The Open University, 2009).   When the introduction of a larger Supermarket was introduced on to Bancroft, the 3rd Supermarket within a mile umbrella, various smaller stores were obliged to close down.   Most of the destruction was done within around 18 months of Sainsbury’s opening up.   Prior to Sainsbury’s opening up on Bancroft, most people were not happy that the store would be moving to the region being as there was two other competitor stores locally and 2 other Sainsbury stores located within 4 miles of Hitchin Town Centre.   People’s attitudes have improved considerably since the opening of the store as Sainsbury is the...