Dd131 Tma 01

DD131 TMA 01


With reference to what you have learnt about city road, outline some of the

differences across time and space on a street that you know.

I will be looking at Uckfield High Street.

Uckfield High Street is a busy town centre with a collection of independent retailers

and some larger chain stores.   It seems to have an eclectic mix of outlets that reflects

the types of consumer

I will look at how Uckfield High Street is used during day and night and also how

different groups of people use it.

During the day Uckfield High Street appears to be a busy hub of shoppers and

employees/employers going about their daily business, like City Road

(“The Street”, 2009, scene 1) A collection of different people use “Poppins” café, much

like City Roads “Tastebuds” café (Blakeley et al., 2009, p.19) “Poppins” café in Uckfield,

like most café style eateries does not stay open in the evening so you will generally

find younger families and older people use the facilities more so, this seems to be no

different on City Road.

There is a small shop called S.A.U.K on Uckfield High Street, this shop provides South

  African goods for one ethnic minority group in this area, this is similar to Janet

Symmons City Road shop “Xquisite Africa” (Blakeley et al, 2009, p22), this shows the

similarity of our smaller “town” street to that of City Roads “City” status.

Just a short distance from Uckfield High Street is “The Civic Centre”, this is a town

commodity where during the day it is used as a Restaurant “Luxfords” and also a

booking office for the evening or afternoon events that they host, “Luxfords”

Restaurant then turns into the venue bar.

“The Civic Centre” is also used as a wedding venue, so bringing another use for its

multi-use status, this also changes the way another group of people use Uckfield High

Street and its facilities, whether that be of drinking establishments,...