The Realationships Between Teaching Style, Subject, and Computer Use

The results of the research investigating the relationships between teaching styles, the four academic units, and computer use show us interesting points. In this essay, we will talk about three findings that we can draw from the results.
  First, ‘lecture’ is a popular teaching style among humanity field teachers while ‘fine arts field teachers prefer group presentation. In contrast, there is no big gap among teaching styles in social science and natural science though the most popular teaching style exists. In general, subjects of fine arts fields, such as, music or art give more chances for students to do projects by themselves. However, humanity filed teachers relatively have a tendency to give a lecture because the subjects in this fields include contents needing teacher’s explanation. Also, the reason why the other two fields don’t show big difference in teaching style is that these subjects deal with what can be taught by all three styles. Through this, we can assume each subjects has the proper teaching style.
Second, over the half of the teachers in social science and natural science use computer in their class while only the half of the teachers in the other two fields do. In social science and natural science class, students study with statistical or numerical data and various pictures which can be offered and dealt with computer more effectively. But, since humanity field and fine arts don’t cover such data generally, it may be decided by teachers’ preference for it to use computer or not. This result says that using computer in teaching can vary with the contents the subjects cover.
Third, computer is more used in lecture and group presentation oriented class. It implies two facts; the first is that teachers use computer as a aid-tool while giving a lecture and the second is that most presentation is done with a help of computer. These days, many teachers use soft wares, for example, Power Point, giving a lecture to show their materials. Video...