My Teaching Style


Taking into account different styles that I have seen through the classes’ observations, I could see that at the moment there are teachers who continue to teach English but not in the correct way, because some of them are not preparing their classes, have a bad pronunciation, and they do not know what method is using in the classroom, besides, sometimes their students feel confuse about what the teacher says or explain in English, all of those aspects happen because the teacher does not reflect about the important role that he has in a classroom, and more when he is teaching a foreign language.  

I think that we as future English teachers have to improve that, because this can not continue, we as new generation have to improve but no change it.   And be very sure what is the appropriate method or methods we will use in the classroom and look for information about it.   Because for that reason we are learning and seeing didactics, design and melex in order to improve this sad situation.

The best thing to go beyond is to analyze and put in practice in what situation or circumstance I can apply the appropriate method, but before going to class no later.

According to my teaching style I have to take into account what are the tastes of students, their English levels, the topics, and the process of learning that have been in English, through his primary, high school or University, and one more important   thing “avoid laziness and the excuses even if they are true” a look for a possible solution to it, like for example ask for help or an advise from a colleague, dedicate more time with my students what they do in the English class in the classroom and outside the classroom and what I do for them.

I would like to propose students a more intense time of English in schools, since not enough time to explain the issues and put them into practice with them, because nowadays they are graduating with a low English level.

And finally I propose...