Explain and Justify the Reasons Behind Your Choice of Teaching and Learning Approaches and Use of Resources, for One of Your Delivered Sessions.

Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector    

Question 4:
Explain and justify the reasons behind your choice of teaching and learning approaches and use of resources, for one of your delivered sessions.

As a teacher/tutor in FE I try to deliver sessions that would be relevant to the audience. The subject that I delivered was about the different types of hazards in the swimming pool environment, all learners had a Leisure industry background therefore they were aware of the types of hazards that could be found, the delivery had a natural flow from introduction in to a small PowerPoint presentation which was colourful for the nature of the subject, it illuminated important learning objectives, this was used again at the end of the session to reinforce what had been learnt.

The practical session took place in the swimming pool environment which enabled the learners to interact with each other whilst completing their task visually. Although the group worked as individuals I feel that it was still enjoyable as they came back together as a class to present ideas. When some were presenting back to the group some gave solutions to the hazards which they found ‘teach for each’ ( Geoff Petty 3rd Edition)

I used a flipchart to capture and present the learners’ ideas from the practical session that they had participated in. It was an easy tool for the learner to transfer their ideas into a simple presentation, which was then presented back to the rest of the group. Some ideas were picked out and discussed and reiterated of why it was a hazard.

I asked questions to ensure that the learners fully understood the objectives and push for further underpinning knowledge of the subject.

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