Compare and Contrast with the Chinese and English Education System

Compare and contrast the education system in China with the English education system

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After the appearance of culture, an important public service came into being, that is education. However, different countries have different forms of educations. According to what I have got from the class and internet, and with the experience of studying under the Chinese education system, I found there are many differences between them. Three of the most different aspects are teaching style, subjects, and exams.
The first difference is teaching style, which is the biggest difference caused by values and traditions. In China, students don’t have group work. They only need to listen to the teacher and take notes. But English students have a lot of group work instead of only listening to the teacher and taking notes. Relative to China, the English teacher are friendlier and the class are more relaxed. In the UK, students express their opinions and focus on experimentation. However, in China, students mainly focus on the knowledge and the books, and try to remember everything that maybe contained in the exam.
The second difference is subjects. In the UK, students can choose a few subjects in every term, and they do many practices. However, in China, students have tense load of subject and can have 6 – 10 subjects each term. English students focus on every subject, but Chinese students only concerned about some of the subjects which are related to exam.
A third difference is exams, which are used to test students’ learning outcomes or as an entrance of school. Chinese schools have a lot of exams both in universities and secondary schools. In the UK, some of the schools only have an entrance exam. Chinese schools enroll students based on entrance exam scores and previous results. Exams in UK are mainly made up of practical questions. But in China, it is mainly checking your memory.
In conclusion, we can see that these two education systems differ a lot in...