Teaching Assistant Level 3 Assignments

1) Explain what is meant by the term National Curriculum.
The National curriculum is the agenda for teaching and learning in schools. It establishes the subjects taught and the knowledge, skills and understanding required for each subject, outlining targets that children should be encouraged to achieve. Additionally, the National Curriculum determines the assessment methods that are used to measure children’s progress. The National Curriculum is determined and developed by the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency which is part of the Department for children, schools and families. Apart from setting National Curriculum, QCDA also arranges assessments, exams and tests and make decisions about the qualifications pupils can take.
The National Curriculum is a set of subjects and standards used by primary and secondary schools so that children learn the same things across the country. National curriculum was introduced in 1988 for England, Wales and Northern Ireland under which all children of 5 to 16 years of age must receive a full time education that is age appropriate and they are capable of doing. National Curriculum includes all educational varieties including English, Welsh, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education as core subjects (Welsh as a first language in Welsh medium schools in Wales). There are 2 principal aims set out in National Curriculum which are:-
  I. To provide opportunities for all pupils’ to learn and achieve.
  II. To promote pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural responsibilities and experiences in life.
The Curriculum is defined in terms of four Key Stages over the 12 years of mandatory schooling which are as follows:-
  a. Key Stage 1- Ages 4-8 years and school years 1-4
  b. Key Stage 2- Ages 8-11 years and school years 5-7
  c. Key Stage 3- Ages 11-14 years and school years 8-10
  d. Key Stage 4- Ages 14-16 years and school years 11-12
Although there are specific topics and skills teachers must teach in all...