301 Teaching Assistant Level 3

Task 2.1, 2.2a,b

Design a poster or leaflet to highlight the skills needed to communicate effectively with children and young people- you must show how you adapt your communication for the different ages and development stages

Task 2.2c

Produce a poster to show the different communication differences there may be with children and young people and how you break these barriers.
(Communication differences between individuals which may create barriers to effective communication between them eg;
• language
• sensory impairment
• speech, language or communication impairment
• cognitive abilities
• emotional state
• cultural differences)

Learning Outcome 3.1 will be covered in the legislation worksheet

Why is effective communication important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults? 1.1
|Children and young people                                                                                                                 |
|It is important to demonstrate effective communication in order to build positive relationships with children and young people. Children |
|are more likely to communicate information and participate in classroom activities if you have a positive relationship.                   |
|We should check what we are saying sometimes in moments of stress or excitement, so they can understand what our expectations are in     |
|school. They will find it harder to understand the boundaries of what is acceptable if we don’t demonstrate it ourselves. Children will   |
|be less likely to display negative behaviour if effective communication and a positive relationship is established.                       |
|Some children may not be able to understand the words being spoken to them and/or the grammatical rules of sentence construction.         |
|Therefore, when their teacher tells the class what they need to do, or explains a new idea or concept, they...