Teaching Assistant L3 Assignment 1

(1) Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments.
In this lesson my role would be to make sure all the instruments are available. That the instruments are safe and clean to use. All the resources and materials needed for the lesson are prepared beforehand, e.g. music sheets must be prepared beforehand and I must also make extra copies just in case some get damaged. I should supervise children; check that the instruments are being used correctly and that the pupils are not causing any damage to them or other pupils. Pupils who have difficulties holding the instruments must be supported; it is my job as the teaching assistant to provide that extra support for the children.   Before the lesson I should familiarise myself with the equipment so that I can answer all the children’s questions effectively. As the other adult in the lesson it is important for me to be a good role model for the children, I can do this by showing the children how to use the instrument safely and correctly, also I’ll have to repeat my instructions so that I know the children have a clear understanding of how to use the instrument. I will be encouraging children to put the instruments back in their place, carefully and tidily at the end of the lesson. During the lesson I will also have to be observant of all the children so that I can give feedback to the teacher, and pint out the difficulties some children were having and the preferences of the children. At the end I’ll have to make sure all the equipment is back in place and report any damages to the teacher or the person in charge of the instruments.

(2) What might be your role be in organising, using and maintaining the learning resources, materials and equipment?
As the teaching assistant it is my job role to make sure all the learning resources and materials are ready to be used and available for lessons. I should find out from the class teacher...