Teaching Assistant Level 3 Assignment 1

Describe How You Might Contribute To a Lesson Given To a Group Of Seven Year Old Children Learning To Play Percussion Instruments?

Before the lesson starts, I would prepare the instruments ready for use. I would check to make sure that the instruments were in good condition, safe to use and aren’t likely to cause any injuries. I would also familiarise myself with the instruments, making sure I knew what they were called, and how to play them so that I could answer any of the children’s questions effectively.
During the lesson, I would supervise the children and help to demonstrate how to use the instruments correctly, promoting safe use and encouraging them to listen to what the teacher is saying. I would also support children who are experiencing any difficulties and give them plenty of praise and positive encouragement.
I would observe and monitor the children’s behaviour, ability and understanding during the lesson, to give feedback to the teacher of how the children are progressing.
At the end of the lesson, I would check to see if the instruments were still in good condition and store them away in the correct place.

What might be your role in organizing, using and maintaining the learning resources, materials and equipment?

My role as a teaching assistant would be to prepare all the materials or equipment in advance, such as photocopying, setting out art materials, or preparing sports equipments for a P.E. lesson.
I would check the condition of the learning resources before and after use, making sure they comply with health and safety regulations.
I would familiarise myself with the uses of the equipment and be a good role model to the children, encouraging them to use equipment safely and correctly.
I would ensure a clean and tidy working environment, and encourage children to return materials and equipment to the correct places and dispose of waste in a safe and tidy manner.
To ensure that the classroom has all the materials and equipment...