Teaching Assistant Level 3

Teaching Assistant Level 3

Tracey Parkes.

Student Number TRA851PA

Question 1.

Give examples of how you would plan activities.

Evaluation-An assessment of how well the teaching and learning activities achieved their objectives.

Learning Resources-Materials, equipment, including ICT, software, books and other written materials (e.g. handouts, worksheets) dvds etc, that are required to support teaching & learning.

Partnership working-Working with the teacher to support teaching & learning, for example, in whole class plenary sessions.

Personalised learning-Maintaining a focus on individual progress, in order to maximise the capacity of all children and young people to learn, achieve and participate.   This means supporting and challenging each learner to achieve national standards and gain the skills they need to thrive and succeed throughout their lives.   “Personalised learning” is not about individual lesson plans or individualisation, where children are taught separately, largely through a one to one approach.

Plans-Plans may relate to a single lesson or span a number of lessons, eg. Project plans, scheme of work.   The plan will be recorded in writing and agreed by the teacher before putting it into action.

Relevant people-People with a need and right to have information about pupils participation and progress.   This will include the qualified teacher responsible for the pupils but may also include others such as school leaders, other classroom support staff working with the pupils, special needs coordinator, or other professionals, eg. Speech and language therapist, educational psychologist.   Information sharing must always adhere to the schools confidentiality policy and child protection procedures.

Success measure-The criteria against which the teaching and learning activities are evaluated.   Success measure could relate to:

The impact on individual or groups of pupils.

Coverage of the curriculum.

Individual learning...