Teacher's Role-Assign.

Teacher’s Role, Responsibility and Boundaries

The roles and responsibilities

In addition to his primary aim of imparting knowledge to students, a teacher has to play a number of other roles to shape the lives of students both at school and in the society.

Primarily a teacher is thought to be an Information provider. A wave of knowledge input has to come from him to trigger the desire in the learners to become inquisitive and to increase their knowledge. By adopting various instructional methods and lecturing, the teacher tries to achieve this goal.

When he delivers his lesson, a teacher should take every effort to make sure that his lessons cater the needs of the learners. To do this, a teacher has to be knowledgeable in his specialized subject area and keep himself updated on the developments that take place in his field of specialization. And then he has to prepare proper materials and use relevant resources to deliver the lessons effectively. Thus he becomes a Resource developer.

This makes the teacher assume another role as a Planner. He has to plan his lessons well so that it paves the way for effective teaching, making the classroom a conducive environment for learning to take place. To do this, the teacher has to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the learners. In order to deliver his lessons effectively, the teacher has to plan the lesson well in advance. Thus he becomes a good planner. This makes him prepare a scheme of syllabus and a lesson plan to make sure that learning takes place according to plan.

During the course of the teaching-learning process, he has to act as a Facilitator rather than being a dictator. As cited above, the learners come to the class with some acquired knowledge of their own. What the teacher has to do is to create a learning situation for the students to expand their knowledge from the desirable classroom situation.

And then, during the course of the teaching-learning process, the teacher has to...