Roles & Responsibilities of an Fe Teacher

The purpose of this task is to explore my roles and responsibilities as an FE teacher as well as other teachers within my organisation and also discuss the impact of my professional and personal skills on my learners.
Before embarking on my PGCE program, I was under the impression that the teacher’s role is mainly to teach their subject specialism and that was it. I later found out from the program and particularly from my teaching practice that there is much more to being an FE teacher than I thought. My roles and responsibilities as an FE teacher is numerous, varied and wide ranging.
My roles and responsibilities as an FE teacher start with perhaps the most obvious; the development of my learners’ education to the less obvious or less known responsibility of ensuring and maintaining the well being of my learners and being a role model. Others include; writing schemes of work and assignment portfolios, liaising and communicating with employers and parents as well as pastoral duties.
The responsibility of developing my learners’ education begins with an initial assessment of my learners; the process of assessing and recording the existing skills of my learners to enable me identify the level of achievement and also plan for their future needs. The next stage in my role of developing my learners’ education is the conduct of diagnostic assessment to identify any gaps in learning that the learners might have. This information enables me and other teachers on the team to design appropriate program of study for the learners and also develop suitable lesson plans and activities to encourage and facilitate learning.
Record keeping (administration)is another responsibility of mine as an FE teacher. This involves keeping records on a wide range of issues and areas such as teaching, attendance, punctuality, achievement and retention. This enables me as a teacher and also other members of the team to monitor learners’ progress on their respective courses and also...