Review What Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries, as a Teacher Would Be in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle

Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries, as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

To choose one definition that would completely encompass the role of a teacher is quite difficult, descriptions have evolved and some examples include:

• Facilitator
• Instructor
• Trainer
• Counsellor
• Practitioner

These representations reflect the transitions over the years however none can be excluded as dependant on course content, circumstance, learning styles and learner, a ‘teacher’ might be all of these in any given day. Consequently this makes the definition of boundaries appear ambiguous, until one adds the most fundamental element, in that it is the teachers’ responsibility to know the boundaries within each function.  

The teaching/training cycle: of Identifying needs, Planning and Design, Delivering or Facilitating, Assessment and Evaluation can be used to review the roles, responsibilities and boundaries as they are evident throughout.

Identifying Needs

In my present position in a Learn Direct centre various models are used to identify learner needs, firstly a 45 minute Information Advice and Guidance session, addressing their presents skills and qualifications, how they might relate to their future aspirations, goals and objectives. This may progress to include a Skills and Interest check which helps the learner understand what career they might be inclined towards and VARK, a learning style assessment showing the preferred mode of learning: Visual, Audio, Read/Writing and Kinaesthetic. Finally an Initial Assessment of their Fundamental Skills, and from the results a further diagnostic will identify which areas of Literacy and Numeracy need to be addressed if required.

This all combines to give the organisation and the learner a good picture which course might be best for them, what learning style is likely to suit them, and at what level. The information collected and held in accordance with Data...