A Teacher’s Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries

Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
(City & Guilds 7303)

A Teacher’s role, responsibilities and boundaries are qualities which are constantly reflected upon using a progressive cycle of planning, implementation, review and evaluation (known as the teaching / training cycle).

The Role:

The main role of the teacher is to communicate the subject in such a way that all students are engaged and encouraged to enter into a wider debate surrounding the chosen topic.

To ensure the aims and objectives for the lesson are meaningful and applicable to students the teaching role incorporates ongoing assessment with supporting documented evidence.

Assessing the students varying learning styles within a group and considering their motivations and previous experiences helps identify teaching techniques that could be successfully introduced to the overall scheme of work / individual session plans..

Sessions that incorporate visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles ensures students have an equal opportunity to access learning, while exploring the course aims and objectives from an alternative and varying perspective helps to maintains interest.

The Responsibility:

The Teacher is responsible for the creation of a safe, positive learning environment, nurturing the establishment of an open, trusting and respectful relationships with the student.

Course structure and its delivery are responsibilities which require a flexible approach to realise improvements born out of session evaluation and reflect newly identified needs of the student.

As students develop understanding of the course aims and objectives their needs change and this should be reflected in continual re-assessment. It is the teacher’s responsibility to monitor, evaluate and improve the quality and effectiveness of their delivery by taking into account the changing needs of the student.

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