Survival Guide

Jennifer Richardson
October 7, 2012
Survival Guide Essay
This is my survival guide for my next few courses. Once I have chosen the college I want to attend, I will log into the site where I will begin receiving and submitting my course work. I will go familiarizing myself with the forums with which I would be expected to interact. I would also log into the classes that I will be attending so I can view the course requirements, overviews, syllabus, and both instructor and “graduation team” contact information. I will then print out this information for a handy contact list in case I do not have access to the internet and need to get in contact with the support team. The support team will be composed of an academic counselor, a financial aid counselor, and also a technical support person. I will also familiarize myself with the college or university policy statement pertaining to participation and attendance requirements, Student rights and responsibilities, use of class forums, and other resources.
Before the first day I will survey my workspace which is to be my “classroom”. Whether this is my desk that is tucked into a family room, living room, or even if I have my own office space.   I will prepare that space for the tasks ahead. By this I mean I will clean it up! Tidy away any stacks of paper or other materials that clutters my desk. I will establish a filing system for all of the papers and various articles that I need to keep on my desk. A tidy work space is quite important for these reasons: 1. a clear and neat learning center will help you to focus upon your social work and minimize distractions. 2. Psychologically it will aid will you in feeling prepared and on top of things. 3. An uncultured work space will also help to keep you from misplacing or misfiling the significant amount of paper work that you will need to print and file away for reference as you begin courses, and as you progress from one set of classes to the next.
I will make...